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SUPER SNEAKY for low clearance applications

A better low overhead garage door installation bracket

…. Much better.

       Sold throughout America for one simple reason… They work !

There is a good reason why garage door dealers & installers throughout America simply bolt on SUPER SNEAKY low overhead installation products.

… They work!

Call us & find out how to increase customer satisfaction on your next garage door installation.

SUPER SNEAKY is the clearance solution for even the most challenging low overhead garage door installation.  Our residential door dealers never have to install double track again!

Additionally, our low overhead hinges simply bolt on to existing double track installations quickly getting your customer’s malfunctioning door system back up and running quickly.

This adds up to satisfied customers… and that means extra business.


Super Sneaky Contract Division is the North American manufacturer of SUPER SNEAKY  low overhead garage door installation products. 

We exist to serve the residential garage door dealer network with wholesale specialty installation products that are proven effective, profitable, and fully guaranteed.




WORKFORMED Garage Door Hardware is the exclusive licensed distributor of SUPER SNEAKY

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